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Online Slots Loyalty Does it pay to be loyal to one particular online slots game, or should a player vary his choice of slots game as and when the fancy takes him? That question of online slots loyalty is one that online casino gambling fans have been pondering over since the internet casinos first opened their virtual doors, and there are still tens of thousands of players who are undecided on the matter. We have therefore decided to apply some logical thought to the problem in an effort to arrive at some kind of workable conclusion that makes sense…

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There are two main schools of thought concerning online slots loyalty, and these can be described as the Loyalty Pays and the Fate Decides schools. Let’s take a quick look at each of these positions so that we can identify the chief argument of each:

Loyalty Pays
This school of thought states that an online slots player should remain loyal to one particular game (or series of games if they happen to share a linked progressive slots jackpot) until he achieves a big win. The argument here is that the player would be devastated to leave a particular game and move on to another one if the first game then paid out a monster jackpot. It therefore seems more sensible to stick with the first game and only move on when a big prize has been won.

Fate Decides
The argument of the Fate Decides school of thought is that every spin of the slot machine reels is an independent event, so winning or losing a prize is entirely a matter of being in the right place at the right time. This being the case, online slots players should feel free to shift from game to game as and when they see fit. After all, the first spin on a new game could just as easily be a winner as the last spin on the previous game, so shifting could well prove profitable.

The Reality
Now that we have taken at look at the two main schools of thought on the subject of online slots loyalty, let’s bring our attention back to objective reality. When we do this we see that both arguments have a kernel of truth, but that they don’t present the whole picture.

Starting with the Loyalty Pays argument, it is true that you would feel pretty bad if you left a machine only for someone else to step in and win the jackpot, but that is only one way of looking at the situation. You might also feel just as bad if you considered switching games, decided against doing so and then discovered that the next person to play that alternative game triggered the jackpot. We also need to remember that online slots games have no memory, so they don’t know whether you have played for hours, days or weeks or whether this is your first ever spin of the reels – and as far as paying the jackpot is concerned, they don’t care!

The Fate Decides argument is also accurate when it points out the random nature of payouts, so a player really should feel free to play whatever slots games appeal to him. That said, if a jackpot is what you are after it can be sensible to stick with a game offering a larger jackpot than to shift to another game with a much smaller jackpot, as long as you are enjoying the game itself.

After weighing up the arguments on both sides, we think that the best answer to online slots loyalty is to make entertainment paramount. Remaining loyal to one game will not guarantee you a big win (or even a modest win), and neither will shifting to a new one every few minutes. It therefore makes sense to focus on having fun and to play whatever games appeal to you for as long as you are enjoying doing so. If you want to give preference to the games that offer the largest progressives then you can of course feel free to do that too.

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