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Online ScratchcardsCasino players have always had many different types of games to choose from, with table games, slots and video pokers being the main genres that most people are familiar with, but a relatively new genre – that of online scratchcards – is also becoming increasingly popular. Like their offline counterparts, online scratchcards are games of chance which are extremely simple to play, so they don't require any strategic knowledge or ability, yet they still offer huge prize potential.

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In fact, some online scratchcards can make you a millionaire!

There are literally thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of online scratchcards for players to choose from. Some titles are designed to replicate the traditional offline scratchcard experience as closely as possible, and involve little more than scratching a few silver panels with a virtual coin or clicking your mouse button to pull tabs. Other online scratchcard games are much more ambitious, and feature 3D animation, rich soundtracks and a gaming experience that can last for several minutes.

Although some online scratchcards have a fixed cost for fixed prize amounts, the majority of online scratchcard games allow you to set your own stake, which could be pennies or pounds, and play for prizes that reflect the cost involved. This feature makes it possible to play your favourite scratchcard games no matter how modest your bankroll is, and a few good wins at the lower end of the staking scale would enable you to progress to using bigger stakes – and pursuing bigger prizes – if you choose to do so.

The odds of winning a scratchcard game vary from title to title, and tend to be determined by the cost of the ticket, the prize money that is offered and the number of prizes that are available. Like offline scratchcards, the majority of online scratchcards offer not only a top prize (generally referred to as the jackpot) but a range of smaller prizes which can help you to enjoy a profitable session even if the jackpot eludes you. The online scratchcards available at most reputable online casinos give you access to information about the game which will provide not only the overall odds of winning any prize at all (for example, 1 in 3 or 1 in 4.5) but also the odds of winning a specific prize (such as 1 in 200,000 for the jackpot).

As you can see, online scratchcards have a tremendous amount to offer, and as online casino gaming technology continues to evolve it is certain that online scratchcard games will also improve even further in the future. In the meantime, why not have a go at some of the many scratchcards that are already available? You might even win yourself an online scratchcard jackpot!

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