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Texas Holdem Tips

Use position - You probably know that position is an important factor in Holdem, but only the best players are disciplined enough to use it in their decision making. Adding position play to your skill set will have a dramatic impact on your game. Simply start folding more hands (even good ones) from poor positions and playing more hands (even mediocre ones) from good positions and you will start to see an impact in your game.

Do not bluff the river - No matter how tempting or how many times you have seen it done on TV, bluffing on the river is a dangerous move. Most players are pot-committed by the river and will call almost any bluff.

Find your game - Every variation of Texas Holdem plays differently. Experiment with at full rings games, short-handed games, heads-up games, and tournaments, both limit and no-limit, to find the style of play that you like best. Master one of these games and you will be able to milk it for a long time to come. You can do very well if you can get good at short-handed or heads-up games, as the average holdem player has the least experience with these styles!

Build your bankroll - It can be annoying to grind it out at low-limit limit games where players will see a flop with any two cards and luck seems to be all that matters. However, do not move over to a no-limit table just because you are frustrated, as it is better to have a few bad beats at a limit game than to loose your entire bankroll on one hand at the no limit table!

Bet, raise, or fold - It is the easiest rule in the world to remember, and one of the hardest to execute. In Holdem, you dont ever want to call a bet. Sometimes you will, either because you are making a mistake or you are trying to smooth-call somebody, but in 99% of situations you should be betting, raising, or folding. Period. You will become an infinitely stronger player if you can stick to this rule!

Prepare for tourneys - If you have hopes of winning a large poker tournament, be prepared to make it all the way. Practice your short-handed and heads-up play well in advance of the tournament to make sure you don't drop the ball at the last minute!

Stack size and play - In tournament play, adjust your play style based on the size of your chip stack. If your stack is in the top third, play very aggressively with moderately strong hands - push people around when you can - but avoid playing poor cards. If your stack is average, play more conservatively and try to capitalize on strong hands. If your stack drops into the bottom third, you will need to start gambling. Going all in on less-than optimal hands may be the only way to come back from behind.

Move up slowly - Recognize that Texas Holdem is a game of both skill and luck. Sometimes bad players get lucky and good players get unlucky, but more often than not the good players trounce the bad ones, taking home lots of their money! Always start off at the lowest-limit holdem tables you can find and gradually build up to higher limits only after you win consistently at the lower tables. If you are tempted to move up to quickly, remind yourself that it is better to win $10 an hour at a $5-$10 table than loose $40 an hour at a $20-$40 table!

Know when to chase - Know when to give up a hand, or when to draw it out. If you have four to a flush or straight on the flop but are up against only one player in a limit game, and are pretty sure your opponent has a high pair, its time to fold - the pot is not big enough to justify for looking for the few cards that can make your hand. Conversely, if you have the same hand but are getting lots of action from opponents that probably have various pairs, keep going! If you make your hand you will collect a handsome pot that is worthwhile in the long-run.

Know when to play - Poker is, after all, a game of reading people. It should come as no surprise that pro players name table selection as one of the most critical parts of profitable play. Look for tables in which everybody just calls or checks around, and stay away from tables where two or more players are raising and re-raising each other. Learn to get a sense of whether a table is strong or weak after just watching a few hands. Consistently play at weaker tables, and you will have no problem making a bundle!.


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