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The next time you are at the poker table, try these pro poker tips to crush the competition!

Be tight/aggressive - Nothing makes a more formidable (and profitable) poker player than one who is selective but aggressive. Only play strong hands, but come out raising every time youre in the pot. If you dont have the guts to raise on a strong hand, you are losing money.

Know your tells - Most players know to look for other players tells, but do not forget to be aware of yours. Do you perk up when you have a good hand, or obviously try to look uninterested? Consciously mix up your demeanor to throw off your opponents.

Use online tells - If playing poker online you can still pick up tells. A lot can be gleaned from the speed of an opponents action. If hes checking immediately he probably does not have much, but if he raises any right off the bat, watch out. Only the best of online players will intentionally use these tactics to deceive you.

Tracking software can help - There are number of poker software packages out there that can give you an edge online. By keeping large databases of player histories, you can see how a player plays even if you've never played with them before. Be careful though, as some sites prohibit their use.

Know your hourly rate - Playing poker is not like playing a slot machine - you cannot rely on a "big win". The best poker players can beat their best game for about one big bet an hour. Thats it. By keeping track of your poker playing sessions you should be able to tell after a few dozen hours whether you are winning or loosing consistently and by how much. Keep working to increase that hourly rate to one big bet or more.

Choose your game - Texas Hold Em is not the only game around and there may be great opportunities at some other tables. Take the time to learn seven-stud and Omaha at the least, and figure out which game suits you best. If you can win consistently at one game, stick with it!

Watch the rake - The percentage of each hand the house takes, or the rake, can have a big impact on a winning players long-term profitability. If you are playing poker to gain experience or just for fun, any table limit will do. If you are looking to make money consistently, you will probably have to advance beyond low-limit ($3-$6 and below) tables to make it worth your while.

Pay attention - If you ca not devote your total attention to the game, you should not be playing. Playing multiple tables online requires a specific skill set and is the only time you should be paying attention to more than one game. That means turn off the TV or ignore the keno board or attractive women across the room!

Study up - Poker is a complicated game that takes a lifetime to master. If you want to be a serious player, take the time to read as much as you can about the game and treat every session as practice. You should always be learning from both your wins and your mistakes.

Know when to go - As with all gambling, you should never bet more than you can afford, but in poker, you should also recognized when to go home if the table is too tough. Do not fool yourself into thinking you can beat players that are much, much, better than you, because you will just be giving them your money all night. Dont make it personal.

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