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How To Play 5 Card Stud

Five card stud is probably the oldest variation of poker that is still in play. There are very few live casinos that still play five card stud but a few online casinos play it and it truly is a classic game and worth covering:

Basic rules:

All poker games require you to make your best possible 5 card poker hand from the cards you have available. If you take a look at the more popular games:

1. In Holdem: every player is dealt two hole cards and there are 5 common cards.

2. In Seven Card Stud: Every player is dealt a total of 7 cards.

3. In Omaha: Every player is dealt 4 hole cards and there are 5 common cards.

Youll notice the common thread there are a lot more cards, more options and that creates bigger pots.

5 Card Stud Poker

In Five Card Stud:

The Ante: Each player typically has to ante of the minimum bet.

Each player is dealt two cards, one card is face down (the hole card) and the 2nd card is dealt face up.

Forced Bet: The player with the lowest card is forced to make the first bet, called the bring in bet which is typically the minimum bet. Each player then has the option to call, raise or fold.

Each player is then dealt another card, face up. The highest hand determines who opens the betting. Each player has the option to check, bet, call, raise or fold

The most important difference between 5 card stud and all other games of poker is there are no unused cards. Each player is dealt 5 cards, and has to make the best possible poker hand from those cards.

It makes it very easy to determine the best possible hand your opponent can have, which also makes the game great for bluffs and mind games.

Hands are ranked in the following order from Highest to Lowest

Royal Straight Flush (10-J-Q-K-A all of the same suit)

Straight Flush (5 consecutive cards 2,3,4,5,6 of the same suit)

Four of a kind (A-A-A-A-x)

Full House (Any combination of 3 of a kind and a pair K-K-K-J-J)

Flush (All five cards are the same suite 2h-4h-8h-9h-Ah)

Straight (All five cards are in consecutive order (7-8-9-10-J)

Trips or three of a kind (7-7-7-x-x)

Two Pair (8-8-K-K-x)

Pair (A-A-x-x-x - If two players have the same pair, the kicker or high card determines who wins)

High Card (A is the highest Kicker then K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2)


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