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Listed below are the poker hand rankings, which are a standard ranking accross the game of poker. Listed in highest (or best) hand possible down to the lowest, (or worst) hand in poker - high card!

The best possible hand in poker, the daddy of all poker hands. The one everyone wants to get .. Royal Flush.Royal Flush
The second best possible hand in poker and almost as rare as a royal the
Straight flush
Straight flush
The third best possible hand in poker
4 of a kind
4 of a kind
A very good solid strong hand is next:
Full House
Full House
Stronger than most players give it credit for, and one i will chase (almost to the end ) its the Flush

(No need to be in sequential order)

Next up in highest to lowest order is the Straight Can be any suit and any color.Straight
A very nice Strong hand and can be undetectable when holding a low pair and flop your third card for 3 of a kind3 of a kind
Stronger than most players give it credit for 2 Pairs If you flop 2 pairs or have top 2 pairs on turn, chances are you have the winning hand.2 Pairs
Always be on the lookout for someone who flopped 2 pairs or better. If you got top pair represent it. If your holding low pair and someone is betting strong, dont feel bad about folding. One pair !One pair
And last not least High Card If no one pairs or hits a 'hand' - High card wins !High Card

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