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Live Casino GamesLive casino games are those that employ a live dealer instead of a random number generator to deal blackjack cards, spin a roulette wheel or carry out other essential gaming functions. Until recently, the only way to enjoy live casino games was by visiting an offline casino, but now you can play live casino games at online casinos too. Live games are currently available at Bet365 Casino, Ladbrokes Casino and many more, so it makes sense for us to introduce live games so that online casino gambling fans can decide whether or not to play them.

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If you have a fairly modern PC with a broadband internet connection then the chances are good that you will be able to play live games without difficulty. The live casino games work by streaming live video and audio to your computer screen, allowing you to see the roulette wheel or gaming table as if you were really there. A live dealer will operate in the same way as they would in an offline casino, and you are usually given the opportunity to chat with the dealer and/or your fellow players via a chat window on the gaming screen.

The big advantage of playing live casino games is that they are as realistic as online casino games can get. Attractive dealers, genuine shuffling and real-time action all help to deliver an incredibly enjoyable casino experience, but without the need for you to leave the comfort of your own home.

Live casino games adhere to the usual rules that you would find in any offline casino, so your odds of winning a game of live blackjack (for example) would be exactly the same as the odds of you winning the same type of blackjack game elsewhere. Placing bets is just as easy as it is when playing regular online casino games, and if you win your cash prize is still added directly to your account balance in the usual manner.

The one potential drawback is that live casino games take longer to play than regular online casino games. Whether this is a drawback for you personally depends on whether you are the kind of player who likes to turn over as many bets as possible per hour (in which case live games might frustrate you) or whether you are playing for the experience itself (in which case the slower pace won’t bother you at all).

Whilst live casino games are probably not suitable for those of you who have just a few minutes to spend on your online casino gambling, or who are unfortunate enough to have very slow internet connections, the majority of players get a great deal of enjoyment from playing them.

Our advice is to visit a casino that offers live games (such as Bet365 Casino, as mentioned earlier) and give them a go. If you don’t like them then you don’t have to play them again. But if you do like them, well… live casino games could soon become your favourite games of all!

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