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Let it Ride

Let it RideLet it Ride isn't the newest kid on the block as far as online casino gambling games are concerned (the game has been around since the early nineties) but it is often overlooked in favour of better known games such as blackjack or roulette. The Let it Ride game is a stud poker derivative which, like most online casino poker games, involves playing directly against the house, with no other opponents to compete against. There are three main bets in each game, and some versions of Let it Ride also have a side bet.

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The game begins with the player making three bets of equal size, one bet in each of three circles. Three cards are then dealt face down to the player and two community cards are dealt face down in front of the dealer. At this point the player can decide to take back the bet in the first circle, or he can let his bet ride.

The dealer then turns over one of the community cards and the player again has a choice – to take back the bet in the second circle or let the bet ride. The dealer then turns over the second community card and the player's hand – comprising his three hole cards and the two community cards – is assessed. If the player has a pair of 10s or better, he wins. Payouts vary from casino to casino, but the following payout schedule is fairly typical:

The side bet which is offered in some variations of Let it Ride pays a bonus prize if the three cards dealt to the player represent a winning hand from the outset, and the prize reflects the strength of that hand. Side bets in other variations may involve different rules, so all players are advised to check the rules thoroughly before betting with real money.

Let it Ride (otherwise known as Let it Ride Poker) is available at a huge number of online casinos including Cherry Red and Rushmore, so if the game sounds appealing to you why not give it a go today? Good luck!


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