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KenoKeno is a game of chance which is similar to lottery and bingo games. In an offline casino the player selects a batch of numbers to play (normally 1 to 20) from the range 1 to 80 and the game then draws 20 numbers at random from the same range. Prizes are awarded to the player according to how many numbers were selected and matched. The more numbers the player selects and matches, the bigger their prize will be.

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The top prize in a game of Keno can only be won by selecting the maximum quantity of numbers allowed and matching all of them. The odds of doing that are with 20 numbers selected are extremely slim, but prizes are also paid for matching fewer numbers, and these ‘consolation’ prizes can still be worth hundreds or even thousands of times the amount bet, so hitting the jackpot is by no means a prerequisite for a profitable session.

Online Keno games adhere to the same basic format as the offline game just described, but they can and do vary in terms of the quantity of numbers the player can select and the prizes offered. For example, some games only allow the player to select 1 to 10 numbers, whilst others allow the player to select anything from 1 to 15.

An advantage of playing online Keno games is that you don’t have to wait around for draws to take place at scheduled times. As soon as you have set the amount of money that you want to stake and selected the numbers that you want to play you can simply press the Play button and the draw will take place immediately. Some online games even allow you to play several games in succession automatically using the same numbers for each one.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, online Keno games can be surprisingly varied. Some are presented as they would be in an offline casino whilst others have themes. For example, an increasing number of online Keno games are being presented as if they were bingo or lottery games.

Whilst casino players who like to use skill to try and beat the house probably won’t be interested in Keno, fans of slots and other games of chance should at least take a look at what Keno has to offer. Ladbrokes Casino (review here) has a nice version which allows you to choose anything from 1 to 15 numbers, so consider starting with that and see what you think. Good luck!

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