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Exclusive Casino PromotionsIt is common knowledge that most online casino gambling sites offer generous bonuses to brand new players who make their first deposit, and also to existing players who reload their accounts, but many online casinos also offer exclusive casino promotions that aren’t widely advertised. These can include special enhanced deposit bonuses, exclusive casino gambling tournaments and even invitations to offline events such as days out at the races. Such exclusive casino promotions are certainly valuable, but how exactly can the average online casino gambling fan get to enjoy them?

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The short answer is that there are several ways of getting your hands on exclusive casino promotions, but simply turning up at an online casino website and browsing the pages available isn’t likely to cut it. Instead, you need to make sure that you qualify for exclusive casino promotions by 1) finding out whether such exclusives are available, 2) finding out who is legible to participate, and 3) becoming a legible player.

Finding out whether a particular online casino makes exclusive promotions or offers available to players in the first place is a simple matter of sending a quick email to the customer services team and asking directly. Some casinos will not offer exclusives, but instead make all of their promotions available to all players. Many casinos, however, will give exclusives to the most loyal players, to those who subscribe to an email newsletter, or to high rollers.

Now it goes without saying that we wouldn’t advise anyone to become a high roller just so that they could qualify for exclusive casino promotions. That said, you certainly wouldn’t be risking anything by signing up for an email newsletter or by being loyal to an online casino in an effort to climb the VIP ranks and qualify for exclusive bonuses in that way.

Of course, remaining loyal to one or two casinos instead of playing the field means that you might miss out on different bonuses elsewhere, so you need to weigh up the pros and cons of missing out on bonuses and missing out on exclusive casino promotions. Not all online casino players are particularly interested in exclusive promos, so if you prefer to play the field and make the most of regular bonuses, you should feel free to do so.

For those of you who do like the idea of obtaining exclusive bonuses then we would advise you to start with a visit to Bet365 Casino and take a look at the VIP scheme, where the bonuses and promotions get better as you climb the VIP ranks. Enjoy!

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