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Casino Bonus TipsAll online casinos offer bonuses of various types, but relatively few players think very carefully about how to make the most of the casino bonuses that are available. In this article we offer you a collection of simple casino bonus tips which can help you to take maximum advantage of casino bonuses at every stage of your online casino gambling career. Whether you are brand new to online casino games or an old hand, we’re confident that at least a couple of the following tips will prove useful…

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1 – Be Selfish
Online casinos don’t offer bonuses because they love giving cash away, but because they want to attract new players. In other words, they are selfish in the same way that all businesses ultimately seek to serve their own best interests. Online casino players should be equally selfish and take up any fair bonus that they can get their hands on. If that means joining a dozen different casinos to grab a dozen different welcome bonuses then so be it!

2 – Be Sensible
Although most online casino bonus offers are perfectly fair (and you will never find an unfair bonus at any casino recommended by The Gamble Society) you should always be sensible and take a look at the terms and conditions to make sure that you are happy with them. If you don’t like the terms then don’t take the bonus because – as the saying goes – there are plenty more fish in the sea.

3 – Deposit Wisely
When you find a bonus that you are happy with, think about the best way to take full advantage of it rather than simply steaming ahead and depositing the first figure that comes into your mind. For example, if you think that you might like to deposit £50 every week into a casino account but you can get a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to a maximum of £250, it might make more sense to deposit £200 for the month so that you get the bonus on £200 rather than on £50.

4 – Bet Strategically
If you need to wager your bonus a certain number of times before you can withdraw it, choose your games and/or bets strategically so that you have the maximum chance of winning, breaking even or at least minimising your losses. The more of your bonus cash that you have intact after the wagering requirement has been met, the more you have to play with and/or withdraw as you see fit.

5 – Reload Rationally
Those of you who play at the same online casinos month after month might want to organise yourself to that you reload your accounts at a time when each casino in question offers the best rewards for doing so. Some casinos offer a big bonus for your first reload of the month. Others offer reload bonuses specific to players of particular games. By developing reload habits that tie in with the bonuses available, you can often get a lot more bang for your buck.

By bearing the above casino bonus tips in mind, online casino players can take full advantage of the bonus-rich online casino environment that is available to them. Take a look at the bonuses that are on offer at the casinos named in our online casino reviews and you could soon be laughing all the way to the virtual bank!

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