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Probably the most popular casino game ever invented as its extremely simple to play and anyone can have a go. Blackjack consists of using one single deck of 52 playing cards. With the aim of the game to get too 21 or hitting 'Blackjack' on the opening deal. Learning how to play Blackjack is relatively straight forward. Mastering it is another game altogether. Did you know Blackjack has one of the least house edge advantages in the casino and many players favour blackjack to any other casino game because of this fact.

Blackjack Casinos

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Where to Play Blackjack

What to look for when choosing a casino when blackjack is your main priority.

There are two things to look for when choosing blackjack as your main incentive. They are: payout percentage and number of decks. Ideally you want to get the highest payout percentage possible and the lowest number of decks used. The reason these two variants are so important are because:

1). The least number of decks means there are fewer cards to compete against in your hand. So if you have 1 deck of 52 cards and you need to hit a 10 to complete your hand then you have 16 in a deck of 52 to hit and 36 to miss. Where as if you have a 2 deck shoe then that doubles the odds and the amount of cards in play. So you would have 32 cards to hit a 10 and 72 cards to miss. It boils down to card counting and mathematics - more about card counting later.

2). The higher the payout percentage means the amount a casino pays back to the public for the amount of revenue it generates. So if a casino has 96% payout rate it means it pays back £96 in every £100 it generates giving the casino a £4 profit. Which is also known as the house edge.

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